Antistatic agents are used to manage static charges during various stages of processing and to provide long-term static protection based on end-use applications. 

Static electricity can occur during an imbalance of positive and negative charges in an object.  When enough electrical charges accumulate on the surface, a discharge occurs.  The negative impacts of an electric discharge (e.g. life expectancy, sterility, speed of manufacturing), can affect the product, the packaging, the end user, and even the manufacturing personnel. By using the appropriate antistatic additives, static electricity can be diminished or entirely eliminated.  Antistatic agents can be divided according to their application in two groups: external and internal antistatic agents.

External antistatic agents are temporary and can be applied on the surface of the finished product by dipping, wiping or spraying.  On the contrary, internal antistatic agents are long-lasting and blended into the plastic when its being processed at the extrusion level.  This application attracts water molecules onto the surface and charges dissipate rapidly.  Other benefits of an antistat incorporated into a polymer include: internal and external lubrication, improved processability and mold release.

Amstat internal antistatic agents are designed to be incorporated into the compound or masterbatch.  After processing, the additive migrates to the surface to prevent the buildup of static charge. All of our Amstat products were developed to meet the static decay and surface resistivity requirements of the United States Military Specification MIL-PRF-81705-D in LDPE and LLDPE films.

  • Amstat-H15: is highly concentrated and able to resist high temperatures.  As a general rule, 3% addition level is a good starting point.
  • Amstat-F18: is a highly concentrated amide based antistat.  Suggested starting addition level is 4%-6%.
  • Amstat-AGF: is long lasting and is used as a substitute for a gas diffusing agents.  The recommended addition level for foam is 10% and 6% for film applications.

Amcor’s Amstat additives have many applications, including PE foam, blown and cast film.  Contact Amcor, Inc. today for more information on our Amstat line of proven products.