Even under optimal conditions, most injection molders face pain points at some point in the process.  Check out a few of our frequently asked questions and how Amcor provides cost effective solutions.

Can the right additive reduce cycle times?

Many customers have been able to reduce cycle times by up to 25% by using our internal mold release Amease-FP AmEase-FP improves resin flow and dispersion and promotes fast mold release, thereby reducing cycle times. For every 100 parts produced, you can produce an additional 25 parts, preventing a purchase of an additional machine and/or reducing the amount of labor hours required.  In a case study of Amease-FP, one molder running a 750 ton press an average of 7200 hours annually, saved $72,000 and gained 74,000 extra shots per year.

Is it really possible to reduce the amount of resin without sacrificing the integrity of the design?

YES! This may be done through foaming, reducing wall thickness or reducing part weight. Resin/weight reduction comes with other added benefits that can be marketed to your customers. Think about products that are heavy and need to be moved around. You could see a 20% weight reduction by adding a just small percentage of the chemical blowing agent Amcell MZ20.  Weight reduction could allow you to gain that competitive edge in the market you’ve been reaching for.

What about using more cost-effective resins?

In a volatile resin market, it can be quite a challenge to control costs, often leaving little room for additives in the budget. One molder wanted to move away from expensive polypropylene (PP) and use high density polyethylene (HDPE) instead.  Unfortunately, the HDPE caused the part to stick in the mold. Amcor was able to relieve this issue by providing the processing aid Ampro-C73. It is designed to increase production speeds by decreasing polymer cooling rates. Ampro-C73 also helps reduce sink marks, improve product surface finish, and allows for easier part release.

Is it possible to combat brittleness?

Brittleness is commonly caused by weather exposure, the type of resin being used, or the processing temperatures. Amstar-41 is a proprietary additive that is designed as an elastomeric modifier for thermoplastic resins. It is used to enhance adhesion, elasticity and toughness, and impact strength, as well as in the compatibilization of styrenic/olefin blends.

What about colors?
Colors fade when exposed to the elements.  Products such as garbage cans, play equipment, and garden planters are all examples of what can happen when left outdoors for a long period of time. Amshield-A25 stabilizes the color by protecting it from the degradation caused by UV rays.  With suggested load levels starting at just 0.5% for every year of protection desired, Amshield-A25 keeps those colors lasting long into another season.

From the start we have been guided by a simple yet powerful philosophy: To solve customers’ problems and challenges Amcor has grown from a single product line to hundreds of products and five product divisions. Each product we develop is the solution to a problem a customer has experienced or an opportunity for a customer to be different in the market. This “problem/opportunity/solution” approach has given us access to new segments to which we can apply our expertise and know how.

Our philosophy continues to energize and guide all of Amcor’s efforts today.  We increasingly solve new and more challenging problems in current and new markets, while also internationalizing our offerings and presence around the world.