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Resam PPS™ is a complete raw material system from Amcor that produces light weight, rigid plastic foam to replace wood and other heavy structural products.

  • A proprietary high melt strength polypropylene system designed by Amcor
  • Produces structural foam sheet, plank, and profiles
  • Extremely strong, light weight, and cost-effective
  • Stiff with high compression strength (only 1% compression at 350psi)
  • Closed cell foam with fine cell structure and smooth surface
  • Excellent for heat welding or laminating
  • R-value (thermal resistance) of 4.4 at 6 lb/ft3 density
  • Recyclable, Sanitary, Fire and Weather Resistant

Applications: Transportation (floors, walls and ceilings in commercial/recreational vehicles, trailers, automotive, marine), Construction, Packaging (pallets and runners), Laminated Cores & Composite Panels

Picture showing two pallets, one coated with Resam PPS

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Resam-HF is a proprietary ethylene-styrene based compound designed to replace Polystyrene foam.

Benefits over polystyrene:

  • Resam-HF has good impact strength (e.g. it is not brittle like polystyrene)
  • Resam-HF is solvent and moisture resistant
  • Produces foam that is half the density of polystyrene with excellent thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Resam-HF is dimensionally stable and is foamable on conventional PE or PS extruders

Applications: Packaging, Insulation Board, Floor Underlayment

Resam-HF can also be used as an additive (compatibilizer) in PS foam.  The charts below show the results of a 5% and 10% additional levels vs. a control (100% PS / 0% HF).

Impact Strength Chart

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