Slip additives not only improve the manufacturing of films, but also the plastic molding/extrusion process and the end use properties.  Slip additives work by migrating to the surface and improving coefficient of friction (COF).

Are you a film manufacturer looking for a workhorse?

Amslip SCFB-is a slip powerhouse designed with ultra-high clarity film in mind. Compounded with LDPE, this slip is formulated to be twice as effective as a standard fast slip.  Producers can achieve the target CoF by using less than one half as much slip, ie: 0.75% vs. 1.5% addition level.

Amslip F5- is a concentrated additive that allows the slip to bloom to the surface very quickly.  It is typical that the slip will start blooming to the surface during film production with the majority of the slip migrating to the surface within 24 to 48 hrs. Bloom will continue to improve over the next 7-10 days.  This product is ideal for air bubble film and bubble-out bags.

Amslip S5-is a high purity slow slip where a delay in slip bloom is necessary.  Slip properties will not start to reach the surface of the film until 14 days after manufacturing. Use of this product enhances roll conformance and on-line corona treatment.

I’m an injection molder.  Why do I need slip?

Amease FP Internal Mold Release-Effective at low levels (0.5%-1%), this product provides a cost-effective replacement for external, sprayed mold release agents.  Proven benefits include: resin flow and dispersion improvement, faster mold release, and cycle time reduction.

Amcor, Inc. offers a broad variety of slips and mold releases that can be customized to your process, converting, product end use and product life.